Aerial view of custom home showcasing rooflines
Custom home exterior photo showcases porch and windows
Aerial view of a custom lakeside home
The front entry and walkway of a home with red maple trees and a dog sitting on the front porch
Aerial view of a custom Vermont lakeside home and yard in the fall
View of a custom home with many windows from the pool area with chairs and fire pit in the foreground
Evening view of the front of a custom home with lights on and trees lining the walkway
Early evening at a custom lakeside Vermont home with lights on and clouds in the sky
Custom built home with standing seam roof and many windows as seen in early evening with gardens in the foreground
Side porch view of custom home with large dormer windows and gardens as seen in early evening
View of modern farmhouse Parkhill Farm looking down drive toward the barn in the early evening
Three quarter view of Parkhill Farm modern design farmhouse
View of modern farmhouse from across a lawn with trees in the foreground
Custom Farmhouse with large garage and barn in early evening
Modern farmhouse view of porches on a summer day
Custom farmhouse with garage and barn on a summer day
Double door entry to custom home with stone steps
Modern custom barn with cupola